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We stand for the learners – from students and apprentices to executives and leaders. Learners deserve the best education and personal development that we can give them. Learners deserve to be inspired and transformed through learning. The effective use of learning technologies in a context-specific blended learning experience is key, with ‘context’ being the critical component.

As countless studies and evidence demonstrate, stretching back over decades, transformative learning leads to transformed and transformative organisations.

We work co-creatively with our clients and partners – education institutions, private and public sector organisations, and organisations dedicated to influencing and improving Education policy and practice – to strategically design and deliver the best in personalised, technology enhanced learning and development.


We do not sell technology, nor promote learning products. We are independent and technology agnostic. We do have considerable experience and knowledge of learning technology design, an essential qualification in designing strategic learning solutions for any context.

In simple terms, we work collaboratively with you to help you deliver the optimal learning environment and experience for your organisation and learners:

  • Specify and validate the project;
  • Research and analyse the delivery context, including people:
  • Draw on relevant evidence from published research:
  • Profile learners;
  • Assess existing learning practices and methods, including use of learning technologies;
  • Assess and analyse alternative options (both pedagogic and resources);
  • Discover and identify solutions, and estimate potential impact (using custom-developed impact measures);
  • Develop and trial a minimum viable product;
  • Iterate MVP results into the design plan;
  • Develop, deploy, evaluate, validate, iterate…

Of course, not all of these steps would be required in a given project, but the main point to draw is that this is an iterative R+D² process which is transparently accountable and customised to context and people.


We have unrivalled experience and expertise professionally and academically. Our knowledge is extensive, our insight frequently unusual. Our clients trust us, and we speak your language. That’s it.


We asked our clients what they had gained from working with KH (apart from the obvious). Here’s what they said:


  • Peace of mind – knowing the project would be delivered to a high standard, on time and on budget.
  • Clarity of solutions and ideas.
  • We enjoyed working with KH, it was fun and we learned so much!
  • Quickly able to enthuse and motivate effective team working.
  • Insightful analysis which opened up avenues and possibilities we hadn’t seen before.
  • Project outputs that were not only accessible and compelling, but which also clearly connected to and supported our corporate values.
  • A clear line of sight for where we need to go.

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