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KH is an applied research and strategy consultancy specialising in education, learning and development, and the effective use of educational technologies. We are passionate about learning, and believe everyone has the right to achieve their utmost potential. We design strategic solutions to your context. With expertise and experience in the disciplines of research, discovery and development, and drawing on the behavioural and learning sciences, our mission is to help you to transform your people, your students and your organisation to positive and purposeful effect.

Our method is precision, scientifically-grounded research, discovery and development (R&D²) applied with imaginative flair.

Lesley is amongst the UK’s early pioneers in the field of digital education and learning. She has designed and produced ground-breaking creative interactive multimedia learning solutions for large public and private sector organisations. She was also amongst the first to recognise the potential of virtual reality and simulation technologies in teaching and learning. Since then, she has worked extensively as a digital technology consultant and strategist in Further and Higher Education, and Corporate Learning and Development.

Along the way she bootstrapped her own education, gaining a degree in Applied Psychology, followed by a Doctorate, all through online learning. Her work has been published in international academic journals and is recognised as the author of the definitive tome on Knowledge Management.

She is a firm believer that technology can ignite and enable transformed education and professional development, delivering the ultimate personalised learning environment. A good education is the most valuable gift that anyone can give or receive. R&D² helps us to do this.

Lesley Crane

Dr Lesley Crane, Managing Director ~ Knowing How

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Professional. Expert. Limitless curiosity and ambition to make a difference.


We have a fantastic network of knowledge partners – companies and individuals with outstanding records of impact and achievement and who are committed to making the difference. Knowing How is able to draw on our expert partners as contributors or collaborators in our projects.

Annabelle Beckwith

Yara Journeys

Annabelle has nearly 20 years experience working with business leaders to build skills and confidence at all organisational levels. Her passion is for working with individuals and enabling them to do…and to be… more than they thought they could, by combining challenge of the individual to step up to their potential with compassion for the human frailties which we all carry.

Her design methods draw upon her own creative style to include experiential and accelerated learning techniques.
Annabelle has designed and / or delivered a wide range of leadership and management training and coaching programmes over the years, for clients like Avon Cosmetics, RBS, Formica, BAe Systems, Shell, Edrington Distillers, Sky TV, Standard Life, Spirit Aerosystems and many many more.

She’s a contributor to various online publications (such and Thrive and FutureSharks) and a speaker at events for entrepreneurs and business owners , and her work has taken her across the UK and Europe to the Middle East, Asia, the Far East and to the USA.


Annabelle Beckwith
Yara Journeys