Lesley Crane PhD MA BSc

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I bring more than 20 years of extensive cross-industry experience in digital learning and transformation strategy, research and consultancy, and a background in creative e-learning and film production to my UX research and design practice. I specialise in human-centred technology-enhanced learning experiences and technologies. My methods and approach draw deeply on the Learning Sciences including Social and Cognitive Psychology, Ethnography and behavioural linguistics. My applied methodology to UX research and design is based around the CAP design principles originally created to support good practice blended learning experience: Connect & Engage, Actionable & Sustainable, Personal & Meaningful.


Based on extensive research, practice and piloting, I developed the CAP Principles of digital learning design and evaluation specifically to help practitioners develop good practice in blended learning. The problem with BL is that it's never been properly defined. The CAP Principles are an attempt to address this gap and provide a practical methodology.

The CAP Principles are also a really useful framework for designing discovery and usability research programmes, and for benchmarking their findings. Consistent with W3C Accessibility Guidelines and with GDS.

In the last 4 years, I've led research projects investigating the apprentice user experience (transition to FT employment, and impact of C-19/lockdown); designed new content for a leading adult skills assessment platform, researched how adult ESOL learners and practitioners currently use EdTech and their challenges, and developed and piloted an innovative custom-designed adult pedagogy for a particular category of learner as a part of a transnational project team. As well as leading to design improvement, my work has led to change in government policy at the system level with improvements to learners' experience. I've written and published around 30 books, research papers and blog articles, and webinars. And I'm always ready to learn more!

What I do - apply robust research methods working in collaboration with clients to gain distinctive and differentiated positive design impact and improvement

  • Research project design and planning, including participant sampling and screening, application of strict ethical standards (BERA) and compliance with GDPR
  • Proven qualitative methods including behavioural linguistics ( and a little bit of quantitative descriptive statistics if you must!)
  • Preliminary and Discovery / Field research - in person and remote
  • Usability and Evaluation studies - in situ, remote or laboratory based
  • Case studies, user stories, personas and learner journey
  • Evidence-based findings with actionable insights drawing on in-depth data analysis with findings grounded in evidence from published research
  • Presentation and 'defence'
  • Familiar with GDS and Assessment plus relevant ISO standards including accessibility standards

Who I do it for


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You can contact me to find out more about my work, my background and how I can support you to achieve your success: lesley@knowing-how.com


International Centre for Guidance Studies, Learning & Work Institute, National Foundation for Educational Research, member of the User Experience Professionals' Association (UK), and the eLearning Network